Post People return to Port Stanley

After a long hiatus two of the pole people are in their rightful place. It took a long time for the two of them to get over the loss of their son Totem who mysterious dissapeared from the same spot many years ago. The pole people were created by Cathy Cook and were originally installed on the beach near Mackie’s in 2002 to celebrate the Elgin Hiking Trail being extended thru the village of Port Stanley. The pole people are at kilometre zero of the northward trek of the Trail that goes all the way to Southdel Bourne where it connects with the Thames Valley Trail. Seen in picture are Evan and his grand parents Loretta and Richard. Evan supervised the installation and enjoyed watching Mike from Central Elgin dig the hole with his back hoe. Thanks to Mike for making small work of the install.

Innaugural Rosy Rhubarb Hike

Rosy Rhubarb has been going on for 22 years. Each year the funds raised have been poured back into the community. Helping to build Keystone Complex and the War Memorial and currently the new Library.
We only had 7 people for the first walk but the weather was mild and sunny. A deer walked in front of the group on Blind Line and a turkey vulture was seen sunning itself on a hydro tower. Jackie heard bobolink, but neither of us were able to spot them. In the wet spots the mosquitoes were active, always take deet when hiking. The hike turned out to be 9.5 kms, just long enough for everyone to work up an appetite.
The Dutton Lions club prepared a great breakfast for everyone. Some people still had room for rhubarb sauce and ice cream. After a brief walk around Rosy Rhubarb we headed back to the cars. Thanks to Jim Northey for suggesting and planning this hike.
We are all looking forward to doing it again, weather willing in 2015.