Day 3 of End-to-end

Everyone is smiling even though it is raining.
Everyone is smiling even though it is raining.

Well it had to happen, the weather was less than cooperative today. Not torrential downpour but a steady mist. The trail was quite muddy and slippery still 8 hardy hikers ventured out. They were rewarded with seeing wild turkeys and many deer including a buck. We all made it out safely after cutting the trip short due to more rain clouds showing to the west. We will make up the other 3 km on Wednesday morning meeting at Fulton Line at 9:15.

Day 2 of End-to-end


Great spot for lunch at horse farm.
Sunflower field.
Sunflower field.

The horses could smell everyones apples and came over for a chomp and visit.
The sunflower field off Lyle road was a nice addition. Several hikers got
to see deer in several locations. Great colours but not a lot of flaming reds.
We had another great day for weather, started off cold but warmed up nicely.
There were slippery spots but all in all a fine fall hike. Thanks to Mark for
looking after the sweep.

Day 1 of End-to-end

Group for end-to-end part 1
Group for end-to-end part 1

Fall scenery
Fall scenery

The weather was not promising when we went to bed last night.
In the morning the radar showed the rain north and south of St Thomas.
The temperature had dropped quite a bit over night and everyone was dressed accordingly.
Mr Sun was elusive and yesterdays rains made the first half of the hike a bit muddy.
We had ten people out including guests Mary and John from Meaford. Everyone enjoyed the
wonderful fall colours and we look forward to next Saturday’s part 2.
Thanks to Jim for leading the hike.

Maitland Trail near Goderich for inter club bus hike


Sept.6th This year the Bus/Hike will be on the Maitland trail near Goderich and follows in sections along the meandering Maitland River. We will be hiking sections of the trial that had major devastation damage due to the tornado in August 2011. An amazing job to reopen the trail was done with the help of many volunteers from different hiking clubs. We offer two walks for the day.

Hike #1: 16.5km Faster pace – longer hike will start at 3.5km on Map 1 following the white main trail to the end at 19km on Map 2 near Benmiller. This hike starts with road walking, in and out of the woods until entering the woods again at 7.8km. Here the trail begins to get steep in sections.

Hike #2: 10.5km Moderate pace – shorter hike will start at 7.8km on Map 2 following both the white main trail and some of the blue trail. Here the trail begins to get steep in sections. Hike #2 also will ends at 19km near Benmiller.

To save a seat on the bus, all hikers are to register by email “” Once hikers are registered Pat will send information on where to send “cheques for $30 made out to the TVTA” and pick up location. Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment is necessary to save a seat. There will be two pick up spots. One in Kitchener at 7 am the other in London at 8 am.

After the Hike: The plan is to be on the bus and moving by 2:15 pm with a stop at Boston Pizza in Goderich for drinks and some food before heading back by 4 pm. Each hiker is to pay for their own drinks and food.

ON THE HIKE: Bring water, snacks and a lunch. Poles and hiking boots are recommended. Dress for the weather.

NOTE: Items and a change of footwear and clothes can be left on the bus.

This is a great opportunity to meet like minded people from area clubs, hope to see you there.

No permit required at some Kettle Creek Conservation Areas


One no longer needs a day permit to walk these wonderful trails and Union Pond.

Dalewood Reservoir Trail – 6.6 km – moderate
This is a loop trail that meanders around 25 hectares of provincially significant wetlands. The trail can be accessed through the Dalewood campground or at the public parking lot immediately across from the Dalewood dam. Located just outside of the city of St Thomas the trail is easily incorporated into a day trip or into a weekly exercise routine. Bird enthusiasts will appreciate the vistas overlooking the wetlands. Cormorants, great blue herons and occasional bald eagles can be seen here.

Dalewood North Trail – 4 km – moderate
This trail connects the Dan Patterson trail to the Dalewood reservoir trail. This robust trail, which includes some hills, will take the more avid hiker into the heart of Kettle Creek’s wild valley lands. Hikers will be treated to vistas of lands hardly touched by urbanization and may be afforded the opportunity to see an array of song birds, beavers, and great blue herons.

Dan Patterson Trail – 3.1 km – easy to moderate
Nestled in the Kettle Creek valley lands, the Dan Patterson walking trail is close to home, but far enough to escape city life. The walking trail starts at the Dan Patterson conservation area, which is a popular picnic spot complete with a playground, pavilion and splendid shade trees. For history enthusiasts, the site is also home to a restored log cabin. The cabin was originally the home of Alexander Patterson, who emigrated from Scotland in 1834. A replica water tower and windmill have also been restored on this site.

Annual meeting in April

Alaska Marine Highway
Alaska Marine Highway

The annual general meeting of the Elgin Hiking Trail Club will be on Tuesday, April 15th at the Carnegie room of the St Thomas Public Library. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Please renew your membership at the meeting. Open to the public. Our guest speaker will be Doris Miller and she will be talking on the state ferries en route North to Alaska.