End-2-end Day 2

Parsons Rd to Lyle Rd – 6.25 km

Start of hike as fog lifts.

It was a foggy morning when 12 intrepid hikers gathered. First 3.6 km was all
road work. At the Red Barn on Hwy 3 we headed into the woods owned by Province of Ontario. The woods wind along the south side of Dodd Creek. When we get to a evergreen forest the roots of the trees make sure you keep looking down.

There are a few steep hills and would be quite slippery if recently rained.
We were very fortunate as everything was dry. Along the way we saw Azure Asters and Jewelweed also known as Spotted Touch-me-not, this plant likes damp soil and shade to really bloom. Ruby Throated Hummingbirds really
enjoy the Jewelweed.

The hike ended at Lyle Rd and on the way back to get car five American Kestrel were sitting on the wire, gathering for the fall migration.

Thanks Jim for another great hike;

Al Sharpe

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