Fall end-to-end

Wendy, Phyllis and  Tom at Santa's way station in Union.
Wendy, Phyllis and Tom at Santa’s way station in Union.

We had a total of 15 people out for the fall end-to-end. Four people completed the whole trail with new member Joan being one of them. Congratulations Joan. We had three regular hikers miss the first hike which was cut short due to rain. The rain make up hike was also poorly attended due to slippery conditions. The trail was in pretty good condition and everyone enjoyed themselves. We saw a buck on second hike. Nine new people jointed us on at least one of the hikes and we hope to see them out on our winter hikes. Thank you to all who came out and made the hikes so enjoyable.


  1. Hello, we’re trying to get out and try new trails and meet new hikers, so please e-mail us when you schedule your end-to-end hike this year. Thank you, ute septon

  2. My brother and I will be doing the complete trail. There is conflicting information on whether or not camping is allowed. Can someone please contact me right away so our scheduling can be changed if need be.

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