Welcome back

Photo by Joan d’Entremont

With the restrictions finally seeming to be lifting on Covid-19, I thought it about time to update the Elgin Trail map. The map is on the map page and a current GPX file can be downloaded to your cell phone.

I am really liking the ATLOGIS Canada Topo Maps Pro it is only around $11 and supports many map formats such as Toporama and in French, OpenStreetMap and my favorite OSM Outdoors. This was not available last year and is a great addition, unfortunately only for Android at moment, do not see it in iPhone app store.

The trail can be downloaded at zoom level eighteen which on my phone is 100 meters at 1 cm which is fine enough to not get lost. It is a lot of tiles so make sure you download with WiFi before going out on the trail.

We had high winds last night and a few more dead ash trees probably fell on the trail. This is an ongoing and endless project. We have several work parties going out this weekend and early next week to clean up parts of the trail. Even though it was technically closed during the pandemic and no one was doing any maintenance. Many people have taken advantage of the trail and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately some people who were not members chose to take it upon themselves and tell a landowner he should not be using a snowmobile on the trail. This angered the landowner and now we have lost a lovely part of the trail.

Just several years ago that part of the trail had a beech tree fall down several days before we were going to have a large group go through celebrating the clubs fourtieth anniversary. A crew went out and cleared the tree in record time. Here is hoping the landowner will realize the value of the club and open his families property back up.

Hope everyone has weathered the isolation and looking forward to enjoying our wonderful trail again.
Enjoy the great outdoors and keep safe by social distancing.

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