The Elgin Hiking Trail Club
144 Wilson Ave
St. Thomas ON N5R 3R3

Elgin Hiking Trail Club 2023 Executive

President: Richard Wright
Vice President: Gary Lowe
Secretary: Open position
Treasurer: Michelle Innes
Newsletter Editor: Brian Wilsdon
Maintenance Director: Tom Beharrell
Membership: Allan Sharpe
Hike Ontario Representative: Dave Kirkpatrick
Director and Social Convener: Open position
Director: Charlie Aberhart
Director: Michelle Innes
Director: Lynn Hulst

For Hikers Only

The public may use it AT THEIR OWN RISK.

The purpose of the club is:
To encourage walking as a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.
To administer, maintain and promote the Elgin Trail.
To promote the principles of the trail users code and safe hiking practices.
To allow all responsible hikers access to our unique trail.
To encourage and nurture new members.

In 2002 the trail was extended the final 2 km in Port Stanley, Ontario to Mackies on the beach for a total of 41 kilometres. Then it travels through the village and heads into the trees north of the town. There is some road work, but most of the trail follows the Kettle Creek spillway valley to the west side of St. Thomas, Ontario with some hills as high as 60 meters. In some cases where the slopes are steep, steps have been put in but some rough terrain can be expected.
Midway of the trail is the trestle bridge at Sunset Drive and Fingal Road, the trail veers northwest.

The path follows Dodd Creek to Paynes Mills. North of Paynes Mills the trail follows scenic roads, and goes through one wooded area. The trail ends on Southdel Drive connecting with the Thames Valley trail providing another 110 km of trails through London to St Marys. There it connects to the Avon Trail.

Users are required to follow the marked trail. No bicycles, no camping, and no littering are common sense requests in the Trail User’s Code.


The Elgin Trail is marked by blazes. The blazes are painted white on main trail and blue on Shaw side trail. They are 5 x 15 cm (2 x 6 inch) and about 1.5 metres (5 feet) off the ground on the right side.