Spring Hikes

The EHTC and Hike Ontario’s rating system

The Level of Difficulty or Terrain

  • Level 1: Well-defined trails, gentle inclines. Hiking boots not required, but trails may be wet. Is suitable for beginners. This level is recommended for newcomers to club activities.
  • Level 2: Generally on trail. May be hilly, light bushwhacking, some rough spots or obstacles. Boots are recommended.
  • Level 3: Rough terrain with one or more of the following: extensive bushwhacking, steep sections, long climbs and descents, beaver dams, rock scrambling or other obstacles. Boots, Level 2 experience, and a high level of fitness essential. Long pants and sleeves recommended.

The Speed/Pace

  • Leisurely = less than 2 km/h
  • Slow = 2-3 km/h
  • Moderate = 3-4 km/h
  • Fast = 5 km/h or greater

To participate in an organized hike you need to be able to complete the specified length of the hike on your own or with your support person within the time allotted.