Thames Valley Trail Association
The Thames Valley Trail is a 130 kilometer hiking trail which follows the Thames and North Thames Rivers along most of it’s route. It links with the north end of our Elgin Trail at Southdel Road. They have some nice videos on their YouTube channel.

The Avon Trail
The Avon Trail is a 110 kilometer hiking trail that links in the west with Thames Valley Trail at St Mary’s and ends at Conestoga, northeast of Waterloo. The Avon is also celebrating their fortieth year in 2015.


Grand Valley Trails Association
The Grand Valley Trail is a 275 kilometer hiking trail from Port Maitland on Lake Erie to Alton, near Orangeville.

Guelph Hiking Trail Club
The Guelph Hiking Trail encompasses 4 trails totaling over 80 kilometers from Cambridge to Limehouse, and Guelph to West Montrose.

Lucan Area Trails Association
This 4 year old group are building trails in the Lucan area.

Maitland Trail Association
This trail association holds the annual El Camino weekend during last weekend in September.

Hike Ontario
Umbrella organization for promoting and developing hiking clubs in Ontario. The provincial voice for the hikers and walkers of Ontario.

Ontario Trails Council
Here you will find all the trails in Ontario. Enjoy your explorations.

Trans Canada Trail – Ontario
There is currently 5,200 km of trail in Ontario comprised of land, water and roadway. It will be the World’s Longest Recreational Trail when completed in 2017, the year of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. It is a multi-use trail. The five main uses include walking, cycling, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Canada Trails
A list of hiking trails in Canada by province then region.

List of Legacy Trails in Ontario

Conservation Areas

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority
The CCCA have some wonderful areas for walking and hiking in Elgin and South-West Oxford Counties. Springwater forest can be safely walked 12 months of the year with the opportunity to see pileated woodpeckers at work. They also control 9 other areas for hiking including Hawkin Track near Brownsville.

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
KCCA have many kilometers of trails in Elgin. Permissive use with no permit will be allowed for the Dalewood hiking trail, Dan Patterson hiking trail, Union Pond day use area for legitimate posted uses during the hours of dawn to dusk. Hiking groups and nature clubs/groups may contact the KCCA office for complementary day-use passes for areas still requiring a permit.

Hiking Humour

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