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Group on The Great Trail in Tillsonburg going through the golf course on a fine June morning.
To the bridge and return on a nice November morning. — photo by Tom d’Entremont
Enjoying a hike on the Dutton/Dunwich Trans Canada Trail in mid May. — photo by Tom d’Entremont
Timing of the May hike for the Virginia Bluebells to be in bloom. It is an awesome sight. — photo by Tom d’Entremont
Club members at the start of the Lynn Valley Trail in Simcoe on a fine spring day. — photo by Tom d’Entremont
Enjoying fine weather on St. Patrick’s Day near Port Stanley. — photo by Tom d’Entremont
Large group out for Wednesday morning walk on a nippy November with the moon out.
Jim and Linda enjoying a meal at the Mandarin with friends from the club celebrating 50 years of marriage.
Crossing over the creek on Shaw side Trail on Thanksgiving Monday.
Mark showing Tom where cuts need to be made to remove large tree that had fallen on trail.
Merry men heading to Longwoods on day one of Avon end-to-end.
Completion of Elgin trail end-to-end in August.
Last stretch of end-to-end crossing over hwy 401 in late August.

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Dutton Dunwich Great Trail Celebration
August 26th, 2017

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Enjoying Dutton Dunwich portion of Trans Canada Trail, now called The Great Trail.
Three happy amigos hiking on The Great Trail.
Hikers heading up hill on Homestead Rd in Dutton Dunwich.
Jackie caught that the silo in background had two turkey vultures on it.
Marg explaining the route to the participants in the Great Trail Celebration.

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This was before Mark and Jim removed 3 old bridges stacked under it, Tom cut the tree in background and others nearby and the pruning of the trail was done my Richard. Thanks guys. We stumbled upon a group of 30 young tulip trees nearby.

Richard and Evan hard at work filling in the hole.
Richard and Evan hard at work filling in the hole.
Wonderful view enroute to Rosy Rhubarb.
Wonderful view enroute to Rosy Rhubarb.
Turkey vulture enjoying the sun.
Turkey vulture enjoying the sun.

Archive images from 1998 to 2000 approx.

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  1. I love this trail. Been on it a couple times this year. Hiked from Paynes Mills to St. Thomas, from John Wise Line to Sunset Car wash and i can’t wait to do the whole trail through. Some people say there is no beauty in Southwestern Ontario, I beg to differ! This trail has lots of beautiful scenery and lookouts on it. I just wish people would not litter on the trail and clean up after their pets. My friend Troy and I clean what we can and clear the paths of fallen trees and branches where ever possible. We may not be members but we don’t mind doing our part to clean up and clear the paths for others to enjoy as well. Here are a couple YouTube videos of us on and enjoying the trail.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the trail and appreciate your help in cleaning up bits and pieces as you go through. We will be doing an end-to-end in the fall celebrating 40 years. You are welcome to join us. Should be posted early September.
    Thanks for sharing the videos.


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