Installation of Tilman Bridge

L-R Dave Allen, Tom d’Entremont, Dave Kirkpatrick, Brian King, Dan Kellar, Tilman Joosten, Richard Wright, Tom Beharrell, Rick Bonsteel and Allan Sharpe – missing from photo Gary Lowe and Loretta Vaughan (taking the photo)

New bridge for Shaw Valley

Recently a work party built a bridge over an area that had washed out two previously installed bridges. This bridge is in a much safer area and was built with the help of Tilman Joosten. That is really an understatement as Tilman got the funds from Thames Valley Trail Association to build the bridge, he also designed and ordered the parts. So basically it is the Tilman Bridge.

We had a very good turnout for the work party, many club members and Tilman and Rick Bonsteel from Thames Valley Trail Association.

It took only three hours to build the frame and put it in place. Really a masterpiece of engineering and installing on Tilman’s part. He put many long hours into paying attention to every detail necessary to build the bridge.

This was the first part of the Elgin Trail created over 45 years ago and is in really good shape due to the outstanding work Rick Atchison has done in this area, including recently a zig-zag down the steep hill at Southdale that will make it easier to navigate for more people.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made today’s bridge assembly such a rewarding experience. A special thanks to Tilman and Rick for all they have done. Richard Wright and Loretta Vaughan were the initial planners for this bridge. No surprise there, as they are truly involved members of the club.

Enjoy the new bridge;

Al Sharpe and rest of EHTC executive

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  1. Many thanks to Mr. Tilman and all the wonderful volunteers! I am really looking forward to hiking over that bridge! 💚

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