No permit required at some Kettle Creek Conservation Areas


One no longer needs a day permit to walk these wonderful trails and Union Pond.

Dalewood Reservoir Trail – 6.6 km – moderate
This is a loop trail that meanders around 25 hectares of provincially significant wetlands. The trail can be accessed through the Dalewood campground or at the public parking lot immediately across from the Dalewood dam. Located just outside of the city of St Thomas the trail is easily incorporated into a day trip or into a weekly exercise routine. Bird enthusiasts will appreciate the vistas overlooking the wetlands. Cormorants, great blue herons and occasional bald eagles can be seen here.

Dalewood North Trail – 4 km – moderate
This trail connects the Dan Patterson trail to the Dalewood reservoir trail. This robust trail, which includes some hills, will take the more avid hiker into the heart of Kettle Creek’s wild valley lands. Hikers will be treated to vistas of lands hardly touched by urbanization and may be afforded the opportunity to see an array of song birds, beavers, and great blue herons.

Dan Patterson Trail – 3.1 km – easy to moderate
Nestled in the Kettle Creek valley lands, the Dan Patterson walking trail is close to home, but far enough to escape city life. The walking trail starts at the Dan Patterson conservation area, which is a popular picnic spot complete with a playground, pavilion and splendid shade trees. For history enthusiasts, the site is also home to a restored log cabin. The cabin was originally the home of Alexander Patterson, who emigrated from Scotland in 1834. A replica water tower and windmill have also been restored on this site.