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  • End-2-end Day 2

    Parsons Rd to Lyle Rd – 6.25 km It was a foggy morning when 12 intrepid hikers gathered. First 3.6 km was allroad work. At the Red Barn on Hwy 3 we headed into the woods owned by Province of Ontario. The woods wind along the south side of Dodd Creek. When we get to […]

  • Start of End-to-end – 7.5 km

    Today we tried our first car pool since the beginning of Covid.We began at the north end of our trail which links up with the Thames Valley Trail which goes to St. Mary’s, known as the stone town. The journey begins with a southward hike through McCaig’ bush. This part of the trail in the […]

  • Hwy 45 to Mellor Rd and return – 3 km – 2 hrs

    This lovely morning saw 10 of us out for a hike. The rain last night made the hills a bit slippery. The entrance off Hwy 45 will need to be reworked to bring people in just east of the guard rail.Tom and Joan joined us after several week vacation in the East Coast. The canopy […]

  • Wednesday Morning in August

    Southdale Line to Sunset Cafe 2 hour round trip Today we had eight people out for the hike in warmish weather. Our hike leader is Jim Northey and he has been leading these Wednesday morning hikes for many years, through all four seasons. They always start at Sunset Café and each day is a new […]

  • Welcome back

    Photo by Joan d’Entremont With the restrictions finally seeming to be lifting on Covid-19, I thought it about time to update the Elgin Trail map. The map is on the map page and a current GPX file can be downloaded to your cell phone. I am really liking the ATLOGIS Canada Topo Maps Pro it […]

  • Spirit Walk 2018 cancelled

    This years walk has been cancelled account of impending rain approaching during the event. Much work went into the preparation but mother nature had other ideas.I would like to take this time to express the executives appreciation for all the effort Brian Wilsdon has put into the Spirit Walk. It has been his passion andhe […]

  • Dutton Dunwich TCT Celebration

    The trail is now 93% complete and some 22,000 kms long going through 13 provinces and territories. The Great Trail is comprised of 432 individual trail sections of which the Dutton Dunwich trail is one. There is The Great Trail app for IOS and Android designed in partnership with ESRI Canada.Everyone is invited to celebrate […]

  • Fall end-to-end

    We had a total of 15 people out for the fall end-to-end. Four people completed the whole trail with new member Joan being one of them. Congratulations Joan. We had three regular hikers miss the first hike which was cut short due to rain. The rain make up hike was also poorly attended due to […]

  • First day of fall end-to-end in Port Stanley

    Six of us ventured out on the first leg of Elgin end-to-end on a overcast day in October. Wild turkeys were seen while hiking through the woods and cormorants have taken up home in the harbour. We were given a tour of the Lake Erie Trout club facilities by Kit Brown and got to see […]

  • Pat Turow remembered

    Picture above shows Anne Faubert of London, Ann Hoover of Aylmer, Loretta Vaughan of Port Stanley and Pat (seventy at the time) after they hiked 900 km from Port Stanley to Tobermory over five years. Pat’s favourite memories of the trip were using ladders and ropes to traverse the escarpment at Devil’s Pulpit near Orangeville.Pat […]