Hwy 45 to Mellor Rd and return – 3 km – 2 hrs

Hikers resting before return trip.

This lovely morning saw 10 of us out for a hike. The rain last night made the hills a bit slippery. The entrance off Hwy 45 will need to be reworked to bring people in just east of the guard rail.
Tom and Joan joined us after several week vacation in the East Coast. The canopy overhead and moisture in the ground seems to be conducive to Puff Balls. Not really large but growing.

Bridge needing several boards replaced.

There was one bridge on trail which needs at least 4 planks replaced.

The hike is basically due south and up a hill to farmers roadway. This roadway will take us all the way to Mellor Rd. We then had a rest under the huge evergreens. There were many birds flying around, did manage to recognize Red-headed Woodpecker and Blue Jay. Need binoculars to see the birds that were way up high in the trees.

On the way back we spotted Pokeweed. This is a plant which is poisonous to humans, dogs and livestock. On the other hand, Gray Catbird, Northern Mockingbird, Northern Cardinal, Brown Thrasher, Mourning Dove and Cedar waxwings will eat the berries when they reach blackish purple. The berries start out green, turning white and then blackish purple.

Another great hike on the Elgin Hiking Trail.

Al Sharpe

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