No permit required at some Kettle Creek Conservation Areas


One no longer needs a day permit to walk these wonderful trails and Union Pond.

Dalewood Reservoir Trail – 6.6 km – moderate
This is a loop trail that meanders around 25 hectares of provincially significant wetlands. The trail can be accessed through the Dalewood campground or at the public parking lot immediately across from the Dalewood dam. Located just outside of the city of St Thomas the trail is easily incorporated into a day trip or into a weekly exercise routine. Bird enthusiasts will appreciate the vistas overlooking the wetlands. Cormorants, great blue herons and occasional bald eagles can be seen here.

Dalewood North Trail – 4 km – moderate
This trail connects the Dan Patterson trail to the Dalewood reservoir trail. This robust trail, which includes some hills, will take the more avid hiker into the heart of Kettle Creek’s wild valley lands. Hikers will be treated to vistas of lands hardly touched by urbanization and may be afforded the opportunity to see an array of song birds, beavers, and great blue herons.

Dan Patterson Trail – 3.1 km – easy to moderate
Nestled in the Kettle Creek valley lands, the Dan Patterson walking trail is close to home, but far enough to escape city life. The walking trail starts at the Dan Patterson conservation area, which is a popular picnic spot complete with a playground, pavilion and splendid shade trees. For history enthusiasts, the site is also home to a restored log cabin. The cabin was originally the home of Alexander Patterson, who emigrated from Scotland in 1834. A replica water tower and windmill have also been restored on this site.

Post People return to Port Stanley

After a long hiatus two of the pole people are in their rightful place. It took a long time for the two of them to get over the loss of their son Totem who mysterious dissapeared from the same spot many years ago. The pole people were created by Cathy Cook and were originally installed on the beach near Mackie’s in 2002 to celebrate the Elgin Hiking Trail being extended thru the village of Port Stanley. The pole people are at kilometre zero of the northward trek of the Trail that goes all the way to Southdel Bourne where it connects with the Thames Valley Trail. Seen in picture are Evan and his grand parents Loretta and Richard. Evan supervised the installation and enjoyed watching Mike from Central Elgin dig the hole with his back hoe. Thanks to Mike for making small work of the install.

Innaugural Rosy Rhubarb Hike

Rosy Rhubarb has been going on for 22 years. Each year the funds raised have been poured back into the community. Helping to build Keystone Complex and the War Memorial and currently the new Library.
We only had 7 people for the first walk but the weather was mild and sunny. A deer walked in front of the group on Blind Line and a turkey vulture was seen sunning itself on a hydro tower. Jackie heard bobolink, but neither of us were able to spot them. In the wet spots the mosquitoes were active, always take deet when hiking. The hike turned out to be 9.5 kms, just long enough for everyone to work up an appetite.
The Dutton Lions club prepared a great breakfast for everyone. Some people still had room for rhubarb sauce and ice cream. After a brief walk around Rosy Rhubarb we headed back to the cars. Thanks to Jim Northey for suggesting and planning this hike.
We are all looking forward to doing it again, weather willing in 2015.

Annual meeting in April

The annual general meeting of the Elgin Hiking Trail Club will be on Tuesday, April 15th at the Carnegie room of the St Thomas Public Library. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Please renew your membership at the meeting. Open to the public. Our guest speaker will be Doris Miller and she will be talking on the state ferries en route North to Alaska.

Spirit Walk this Saturday

Spirit Walk 2013

Elgin Hiking Trail Map 8 closure

Due to construction on Sunset Drive and extended road closures. The Elgin Hiking Trail from Trestle Bridge to Car Wash Junction is closed until end of January when the construction should be completed. This involves approximately 3.5 km of trail closed. When the construction is over any changes will be posted in newsletter and web site.

Laura Secord Anniversary Hike

Please advise D.J. if you are interested before June 9th.

1) ONE DAY HIKE – Saturday, June 15th
Check in by 5:45am at De Cew House. The bus will take you to Queenston to start your trek. The hike takes between 5 and 7 hours to complete depending on your pace. There will be four check points along the way and a light lunch will be served at De Cew. Registration is $20.
Send cheque payable to “Niagara Bruce Trail Club” along with your email address to:
Marion Roggeband
2 Kitto Blvd
Grimsby ON L3M 1E2
For more information contact Marion at 289-235-7584 or email:
More information at Niagara Club.

A special badge is being created to commemorate the 200th year since Laura Secord’s journey to advise of American attack.

D.J. Smale would prefer a one day hike on June 15th. Going to the area Friday night and staying overnight so that we are ready for the 5:45 am start on the Saturday. D.J. has spoken to Marion and she recommends staying the Friday night at Brock University residence – $50.00 per night per person. A single room per person, two people sharing one bathroom. Rooms are currently available and D.J. would be willing to do the booking. De Cew house, the starting point for the hike is only 5 minutes away from Brock. If anyone is interested in going please contact D.J. at 519-765-2029 before June 9, 2013.

Option 2 below is just for info.

2) TWO DAY HIKE – Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16
Check in by 6:45am at Woodend Conservation Area on Saturday June 15th. The bus will take you to Queenston to start your trek. There will be a check point along the route.
On Sunday you will check in by 7:45am at De Cew House and the bus will take you to Woodend where you will continue your hike to De Cew House. There will be one check point and a light lunch will be served at De Cew House. Registration is $25.
Send cheque payable to “Niagara Bruce Trail Club” along with your email address to:
Margaret Northfield
6340 McMicking St
Niagara Falls ON L2J 4L3
For more information contact Margaret at 905-354-0188 or email:

New EHTC Flickr group

The new Elgin Hiking Trail Club Flickr page can be found at
All club members can register and upload photos.